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The online digital commerce space is unique in many ways. First and foremost the speed of digital business outpaces tangible transactions in the “real world” by many orders of magnitude. Billions of transactions occur per second online, and the trends that can be identified from that data also change more rapidly than most might imagine.

That is why the long-standing mantra of every successful online venture has become “adapt or die.” During the last three decades, the team at Foshan has done exactly that, under a conglomerate of company names with a noteworthy number of massively successful moves already made throughout our history. The Foshan.io brand is the culmination of all of our efforts, as it benefits from our rich history of success, and is also a harbinger of the even greater things to come in the future we are helping to create online.

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Today, nearly everyone knows what affiliate marketing is all about, but if you can recall back what the Internet was like in the late 1990s, the affiliate model was much less clear-cut. Foshan’s management team helped to initiate, shape and reform the way referral business is done online, but providing thousands of marketers with a clean, clear and ethically sound path to massive payouts from our companies that have surpassed the one hundred million dollar mark in the aggregate. Everything from pay per sale to rev share, link tracking, fraud management and payment processing needed to be solved so that the affiliate model could progress to the milestones it continues to reach in the modern day. We are proud of our work on all of the above.


Logical ideas are usually the best ideas. With the hurricane sized winds of our affiliate marketing and freemium business strategies blowing at our backs, Foshan sailed into the Advertising Platform space and quickly created an important beachhead that benefitted Publishers and Advertisers alike. Online advertising had been plagued with fraud, oversold junk traffic and very poor tracking tools. Foshan developed key systems for internal use by our own advertising teams, and made those tools available to clients via our award winning Advertising Platforms. Now we can honestly say, others have copied many of our ideas throughout the space, and the entire online advertising community is better off from those shared evolutions.


Chances are that if you have purchased something online with a credit card, at one point or another you purchased something from one of the thousands of sites in our network inventory. Foshan has mastered the subscription based consumption model and generated huge profits for our own company, our affiliates, our vendors and our strategic partners. Recurring billing was the life-blood of all digital commerce for more than a decade, and Foshan was at the forefront, capturing massive revenue streams while maintaining a painstakingly ethical approach to all our business decisions. So much so that we have received countless accolades from industry trade associations, consumer groups and our customers directly.


Data drives the world we live in. Over the last decade the abundance and importance of data has substantially increased. The way we store, analyze and interpret data is not only increasingly important, but critical. Foshan assigns a high priority to data science, data analytics, data collection and storage. Foshan uses data to analyze and improve all our projects and processes.


The days of big studio operations and traditional broadcast networks have been disrupted completely by so many direct to market outlets like: Netflix, Hulu, Podcasts, Live Cams, YouTube Casters, Twitch and dozens of others. In the modern world anyone can become a massive celebrity with more views and likes than the top rated television show. Monetizing that massive shift in the way media is perceived by paying customers and performers is where Foshan have focused our own efforts. Operating entire cam platforms, driving high volume traffic from properly tracked sources to perfectly targeted live content and managing all the technical minutiae required to keep things running smoothly has turned out to be an excellent way to accelerate our own revenue streams and the income of all our strategic partners.


Sectors as wide ranging as Music, Film, Adult Entertainment and Drinking Water industries have had to adapt to the notion that the same or similar products are readily available for free. Competing with free was never a workable solution, but using a freemium business model to generate significant enough traffic volumes to create massive new revenue streams has proven to be a sound strategy. Foshan has always been a key developer in the freemium space and has directly managed many billions of ad impressions while operating some of the largest traffic sources online.


If you have tried Google Glass, or strapped a phone to your face in a Cardboard wrapper, you have not seen true Virtual Reality yet. The gap between low end and premium VR is about as wide as the gap between the Sun and Pluto. Foshan has leapfrogged competitors in a race to design, develop and deploy the very best Virtual Reality user experience for consumers. There are many great products on the market now trying to fill that gap, but ours is the one that consistently wins awards as the best content creator with the most marketing VR content available anywhere online.


When you go online to purchase something today you have so many options. Credit Cards, PayPal, Online Check, Mobile Phone Billing, Apple Pay, Zelle — the list goes on and on. However, when we started doing business online more than twenty years ago, none of that existed in the way it does now. Over the last two decades we have helped to refine payment methods, become experts in merchant account management, worked directly with dozens of banks and financial institutions, worked to evolve credit card association compliance standards and more. At the point of sale for any online transaction, there will always be a need for Payment Gateway expertise, and Foshan has it from our original vantage point at the inception of online billing infancy, and all the way through to today’s much more mature set of billing options.


As soon as it became obvious that a person could actually find love and romance on their smartphone without ever stepping foot into a beer-soaked bar or club, the way people chose to meet each other was changed forever. Our dating ventures were always commercial in nature, and have done very well by any financial metrics one might use to analyze them, but we are most proud of the profound impact we have been able to have on so many people who have used our Dating sites to find the love of their lives.


When flip phones became smart enough to replace desktop computer terminals the mobile age of the always-connected Internet really took over everything. Many companies failed to see the shift coming and were capsized by it like a rouge wave broadsiding a fishing boat. For those of us fortunate enough to have the foresight needed, mobile was an important bridge to new lucrative projects in the mobile app vertical, with implications that could also impact many of our already existing product lines as well. Nearly any business online could be “appified” and monetized beautifully if the execution of the team was on point. Since that time, others have caught on to the importance of a mobile first approach, but we credit our corporate culture as “serial entrepreneurs” with keeping our eyes focused on what we are doing now, while also maintaining vision of whatever else is coming over the next event horizon.


Since 2016 Foshan has emerged as a leading content creator for premium virtual reality simulations and a provider of monetization services for brands invested in VR technology and entertainment. Drawing from a decade of experience in video and media production and content monetization, Foshan serves a range of clients and works with brands to make the most out of their VR content. Robust tools and an agile framework help us stay current with leading trends and deliver strategic monetization solutions that work.

As industry leaders like Facebook eye future opportunities for VR, recent sales of the Oculus Quest 2 headset clearly show that virtual reality is here to stay. Individuals and brands alike now search for richer connections in virtual reality that includes more immersive entertainment, education and training simulations. Foshan is uniquely positioned to influence standards in this cutting-edge medium.

The VR landscape changes quickly. As more and more consumers enter new virtual realms looking for fresh content to enjoy, the implementation of virtual reality at the commercial level continues to grow. Foshan delivers strategic solutions for content creators and businesses seeking to monetize from the virtual space.

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